Alaine – Military AI program (and overall cool name).

Big Three – This term refers to the big three monopolies that are controlling the United States’ economy and government. These companies provide the live-work communities which offer jobs, food, security, and often luxury for citizens.

Civilized or Citizens – Someone who lives in the United States and within a live-work community. They have access to jobs, education, government programs, stores, and have citizen scores. Outsiders call citizens “insiders” or “townies.”

Citizen Score – A score calculated from personal data such as credit card expenses, grocery store or gym memberships, fitness devices, education level, social networking, credit score, and more. The citizen score is used to determine an applicant’s acceptance for jobs, government assistance, education programs, and credit.

Dupe, Duplicate, or Dupes – Military clone(s).

GreenMart – One of the big three.

Innovation Tomorrow - Also referred to as I.T., it is one of the big three.

Mama’s Recipe – Simulated amniotic fluid used for creating clones.

Live-Work Communities – Protected communities provided by the big three for employees and military.

Off the Grid or Out There – Areas of the United States operating under martial law where there is a loss of organized local authority and the inhabitants survive off local resources.

Outsider or Survivor – Someone who lives in the United States but off the grid. Citizens call outsiders “preppers” or “outlanders.”

Priorities Act – An act passed by Congress in 2067 that made it legal for the government to attain any and all citizen data in order to derive a citizen score from that information to determine top citizen candidates for education, jobs, loans, government programs, and more.

Two-Photon Laser – A focused laser beam used to stimulate neurons to alter the behavior of an organism.

Utopias – Buildings that hold indoor vertical gardens and are vital to keeping live-work communities healthy and safe.

Wastebasket – The world’s largest trash dump. Previously the Wastebasket was North Korea.

White Data – Personal data used to determine the citizen score.

X-Over – One of the big three.