Wastebasket: Novella 1



The year is 2069. America has suffered a split between two groups, the Citizens and the Outsiders. To make a transition as a Citizen, one has to join the military and serve a six-year enlistment.

Not even a year into August Paxton’s service and he’s counting down the days until it’s over. But then everything takes a turn when a military drone crashes into the Wastebasket and August is assigned to the team charged to uncover it. The Wastebasket, the world’s largest trash dump, is home to natives that are rumored to be mentally and physically impaired, though no one is sure as to the extent of their condition. August is apprehensive about their mission’s location but learns that the real source of trepidation originates from within his own crew.

The Cleansing: Novella 4


As a homeless teen living in New York City, Kata Washington isn’t sure what she wants to do with her life, but she is sure it includes food, shelter, and safety.

Then the cleansing begins. A government initiative to remove the homeless and other outsiders from live-work communities is implemented with full force. Kata tries to evade the military by hiding in her old van in a crumbling parking deck, but that doesn’t last long. She is caught and thrown into the back of a dump truck, just like the trash they view her as, and she is forcibly discarded off the grid, a place she’d never thought she’d be.

Her only survival skills include dumpster diving and programming, neither of which can help her survive outside the live-work communities. Not only that, the only person she knows on the outside is in the business of human trafficking. She must learn how to survive, and quick.

The Cleansing, the fourth novella of Habitual Humanity, takes place in 2071 and will complete the split between the outsiders and citizens. It was also a nominee for the North Street Book Prize.


The apocalypse is about to begin.

White Data: Novella 2


Naomi Wilcox's already fragile life is turned upside down when she's t-boned by a drunk driver. Naomi wakes from unconsciousness only to learn that she has several broken ribs, is going into surgery, and Sean, her son, is in a medically induced coma. The worst part, Sean is going to need a liver transplant to save his life.

Whether or not Sean receives a liver in time is directly tied to the citizen score, a score assigned to citizens that's derived from personal data. Since Sean is under eighteen, his parent's scores determine his placement on the recipient list. Naomi's score isn't perfect, and neither is Jake's, her husband and Sean's father. Perfect is what they need to save Sean's life. Jake decides to take matters into his own hands, but it doesn't turn out as planned. Now, as Naomi's world crumbles further, she must figure out a way to save her son - at any cost.

Allies: Novella 5


In the fifth installment in the Habitual Humanity series, August is off the grid in Laurel, Montana, taking care of his own. Darius and Gia are stuck within Fort Campbell, building the army of dupes. Ocean is with Stella, Naomi, and their families in Fines Creek, North Carolina.  Miles is in New York, trying to find his way out. 

When the United States proclaims war on the outsiders, their worlds will collide.

The Base: Novella 3


No one has been allowed in or out of Fort Campbell for nineteen years.  The rumors about the base vary from tales of secret experiments to stories of alien coverups. When Darius Jones is recruited to the base to join an elite medical program, he readily packs his bags. For him, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal of becoming a doctor, particularly not baseless rumors.

Once Darius arrives at Fort Campbell, it becomes clear that the program isn’t like any other assignment. His team is breaking scientific barriers that he never imagined was possible. The accolades and achievements don’t come without sacrificing a few morals, however, as the military has nefarious plans for the medical program.

The Base, the third novella in Habitual Humanity taking place in 2070, will reveal the heart of the events and choices that create an apocalyptic America. 

Mother: Novella 6


In the sixth installment in the Habitual Humanity series, Miles is organizing his army and is finalizing his plans for an attack with the help of Warren, Abel, Jake, and Ocean. Gia and Darius are stuck within Fort Campbell and within their own hells.