No one has been allowed in or out of Fort Campbell for nineteen years.  The rumors about the base vary from tales of secret experiments to stories of alien coverups. When Darius Jones is recruited to the base to join an elite medical program, he readily packs his bags. For him, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal of becoming a doctor, particularly not baseless rumors.


Once Darius arrives at Fort Campbell, it becomes clear that the program isn’t like any other assignment. His team is breaking scientific barriers that he never imagined was possible. The accolades and achievements don’t come without sacrificing a few morals, however, as the military has nefarious plans for the medical program.


The Base, the third novella in Habitual Humanity taking place in 2070, will reveal the heart of the events and choices that create an apocalyptic America.

The Base: Novella 3 (Habitual Humanity)