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The Sinister Strand
An Anneliese Alpin Novel

Just keep telling yourself you are free.


Anneliese is one of the best investigators in Rochester. Or, she was. But then the DNA sequence for serial killers was found and now instead of a detective, she’s the director of the Choosing. Instead of hunting down criminal adults, she’s sending pre-teens with the gene to prison for life. She hates her new job but can’t argue that there hasn’t been a murder in Rochester in seven years. Without any deviants to hunt down, seven years is exactly how long she’s been bored and unhappy.

But then, there’s a body. And it’s not just anyone, it’s a cop. Anneliese wants nothing more than to track the perpetrator down. She’s back to what she loves doing—hunting down bad guys.

But as the bodies start to pile up, she wonders if she’s still got what it takes. The suspect list keeps growing and she’s forced to wonder if the gene really does identify future murderers or if she’s been sending innocent kids to jail.

As Anneliese continues to follow the clues of the murders, she’s forced to dive deeper into the Choosing, the truth about genomes, and a new dark reality of society.

Well, at least she’s not bored anymore.

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