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The Abandoned Ones

The first fully colonized spaceship in Earth’s history has been sent to explore our universe, and it has something no one else on Earth has: a time travel formula.


Margo, the captain of this ship, the Aliferous, realizes something is wrong when it returns to Earth. The planet is dark, devoid of the lights that should be shining beneath them. Trepidation washes over the crew as their attempts for communication with their homebase repeatedly fail.


Before Margo can even begin to plan their next steps, there’s a death on the ship. And it’s not an accident, it’s a suicide. The citizens she’s responsible for are becoming depressed and terrified, especially after a dark secret regarding their mission is leaked.


Margo must lead her people to their future in confidence, but she isn’t sure she can. She’s battling her own fears and demons from past mistakes. While her desperation is threatening to take her over, can she convince others in a beautiful future? As she comes to realize she’s far from the leader they believe she is, can she hold it together before her colony fades into chaos?